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#LRNY – some further “unpleasantness”

As a further addendum to the #LRNY issue it is interesting to see another example of the aggressive opposition to the idea that anyone should examine and critique the initiative.

Chris Baccus, who actually works for Wunderman in their Detroit office, wrote a post largely based around my initial analysis and the Twitter tiff – Twiff he called it – it generated.  It was a good post and invited people to add their own opinion on his blog – which I did, drawing his attention to the more detailed summary post that sought to draw some lessons from the exercise.  Then a Mr Anonymous (ah the great Mr Anonymous) weighed in with this.  Continue reading

Three lessons from #LRNY

As you can see from the previous two posts (and also if you check-out the #LRNY tag) the recent Land Rover hashtag campaign has caught my attention.  Initially I thought it was a very good idea – I have been supporting the concept of what I call TagSpaces for a while – but on closer investigation the campaign turns out to be a bit of a disappointment.

I don’t want to beat-up on Wunderman, the agency responsible, or especially Land Rover because I think they deserve congratulation for having the courage to experiment with this sort of thing.  However, I think there are some very valuable lessons that can be learnt – and it is this I would like to focus on. Continue reading

#LRNY – Land Rover creating a TagSpace

Some time back I wrote a piece about the concept of TagSpace and its importance as a new dimension is social media. Well here is the practice in action.  Land Rover in the US created a TagSpace – #LRNY – to talk about their new model as well as then paying Tweeters with big followings to promote this.  The TagSpace concept is good – although they haven’t really used it to drive real two-way conversation.  Paying Tweeters is less clever – but given this idea comes from a traditional agency its hardly surprising.

Expect more of the same.

TagSpace – the new dimension in social media

Forget space time – TagSpace is the new dimension.  Here’s why.

Every organisation wants to use social media to create and own a community these days.  Its easy to see why – owning a community is a natural extension of the old approach to communication, based around owning and controlling the channel.

The problem is that the future doesn’t lie in channel, Continue reading