About me

I am a marketing consultant based in the United Kingdom.

I help organisations manage the transition into the social digital space.  In most instances this means creating workshops that help them understand the new rules. My approach is based on five beliefs:

  • There is revolution taking place that is going to require a strategic rethink based on an understanding of the new world this revolution is creating.
  • Traditional marketing created value by harnessing the power of distribution, but the revolution is breaking that power and creating a new space – the world of connection, which operates in a very different way.
  • Marketing – for the foreseeable future –  has to play in both worlds, which correspond to the world of the audience and the world of the individual. Don’t make the mistake of mixing up the two and bringing distribution tactics to a connection game.
  • If brands want to continue to succeed in the distribution game they need to rethink their idea of the audience, reduce their dependency on renting channel-based attention and increase their ability to convene an audience around their brand on its own account, based on repopulating the empty space that used to be the brand story.
  • When playing the connection game, the value of individual relationships or contacts is critical: these relationships have to be an order of magnitude more productive than those you were creating in the distribution game. This has to be be based on identifying, harnessing and/or responding to consumers’ behaviours (not consumers’ personalities). Data has a critical role here as does genuine social digital contact.

I have been doing this for 12 years and some of the organisations I have worked with include: Microsoft UK, RBS, Discovery Networks Europe, Atkins, Eversheds LLP, The European Association of Communications Agencies and the Chartered Insurance Institute.  In my previous life, I spent 20 years working within the Saatchi & Saatchi / Publicis Groupe in London, Sydney, Brussels and Prague.  My last agency role was as managing director of Publicis Consultants in London.

As a sideline, I also speak at conferences, conventions and seminars.  This isn’t something I planned to do, it’s just something I often get asked to do and which I enjoy.

I have also written an ebook – which you can get here

You can contact me on


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