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  1. Richard A. Stacy

    Another Richard Stacy here. Hard to believe there are two of us.
    I see that you are a young guy who does something in PR in London and Sydney.

    I’m a 66 Year old American retired lawyer, prosecutor and judge, living in Denver Colorado. I am a part time unpaid columnist for the Denver Post. My wife and I have visited London 3 times and Sydney once. I have a 2nd cousin who lives in Liverpool, but she would probably be no relation to you because she is the daughter of my cousin who was born in Oklahoma.

    Nice to meet you, and use the name well!!

    • richardstacy

      What a strange coincidence – not necessarily because there are two Richard Stacys (although Stacy without an ‘e’ is quite rare) – but four emails in the queue ahead of my being alerted to this comment, was a google alert on Richard Stacy which pulled up this reference to a Richard Stacy in the Denver Post – presumably this is you. First time it had happened. Very odd.

      Anyway – I think most of the global Stacy’s have roughly the same origins. The name derives from the Norman French name Eustace, one of whom I believe settled in Sheffield in England after the Norman conquest. My Uncle is keeper of the family tree of my particular bit of the family. If you are interested in the genealogy of the name let me know and I will pass on his details to you.

  2. Simon Steel


    Hello there, spoke to Scott last week and he suggested it would be useful to catch up with you about our Salt online presence, so was wondering when would be good for a chat?

    I’m out and about until tomorrow afternoon – Tuesday or available all day on Wednesday, are you in town at all this week?

    Hope all’s continuing to thrive and look forward to catching up soon?

    Best regards,


  3. Paola

    Hello Richard,
    I am Paola Gervasio, an italian journalis with D Repubblica Magazine.

    I have to write an article about the impact of social media on cosmetic-beauty, as a new trend of advertising and communication. Have you an abstract of your speach that you will take on 13 April in Paris at In Cosmetics? Can you send me?

    If you prefer, I can call to have an interview with you.

    This is my email:

    thanks a lot
    and best regards

  4. cropcircles

    Hi Richard

    I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture you gave today at Coventry University, it was really interesting and kind of came to support what I’ve been getting into lately. I didn’t really appreciate some of the comments addressed to you at the end; I found them quite malicious and at times maybe a bit jealous.
    But I’ll have to agree with you on the social media revolution. I was born in Romania, just after the 89 revolution and now have a gut feeling that there is a bigger, more fundamental one happening right under our eyes. It’s a feeling I think I share with most of my generation.

  5. richardstacy

    Thanks. I have to say I didn’t find the comments at all malicious or jealous. Social media is challenging, because it is something different. Anyone with any sort of interest in “the old way” is therefore bound to be challenged and this goes one of two ways: they either become defensive, or they become nervous. If I didn’t provoke either of these reactions, I wouldn’t have been doing my job properly!

  6. Lisa Kent

    I was just checking out your website, and was very impressed with the quality, look and feel.

    Iā€™m sure you have seen a lot of companies are starting to add animated videos to their websites, social media and YouTube pages to help explain their services in a fun, clear and engaging way. I think a 60-90 second animated video would be a perfect way for you to get your companies message across to more potential clients.

    My team, located in Israel, helps businesses create quality customized Character Animation, Motion Graphics & Whiteboard videos at affordable rates.

    I would be happy to set up a call for a consultation and price quote.

    We are eager to hear back from you!

    Greetings from Jerusalem
    Lisa Kent

  7. nancy


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    Awaiting your response.
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  8. Miriam Orton

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