It’s nice to be appreciated

A couple of weeks ago I did a workshop for my fellow members of the EACA School faculty, since blogged about by the much esteemed Steve Henry (the 2nd H in HHCL – which will mean something for anyone who knows anything about the UK advertising industry) in Brand Republic. Steve gives a very succinct (and flattering) summary but what is also interesting are the comments.

The workshop was great fun – especially the opportunity to be present at the moment when a group of people who have a huge amount of experience invested in what I call Gutenberg media suddenly ‘get it’ in terms of understanding that social media is not about Facebook, blogs and Twitter.  And also when they start to realise how their expertise can be re-purposed to work in the new space.

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  1. Stephen Smyth

    Wow, this is great. Is Steve still at TBWA these days? I worked with him back in 1989, when I was the Advertising Manager of Firstdirect and HHCL were a new ‘hotshop’ in the advertising world. HHCL stopped all their new business aquisition to work on the launch of firstdirect and created some much talked about adverting that cut through the clutter and produced heavyweight PR coverage. We created the world’s first symalcast TV campaigns as well. Only last month I looked at the campaign which is now 21 years old, as we looked forward then to that date. I have to say, that – time travel apart – HHCL forsaw much of life today correctly.

    Steve is a copywriter par-excellence and a great man to work with.

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