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Social media: its not a clamour for attention

The ever controversial Andrew Keen has just published this in his Telegraph column – a guide to winning in social media.   As with much of what Andrew says its true – the five steps he recommends would help gain attention.  However, the assumptions that lie behind it render it (and also much of what Andrew says) misplaced shall we say. Continue reading

Andrew Keen’s head – and the shift from institutions to processes

A recent blog post by Andrew Keen has finally prompted me to write a post dedicated to the idea that Big Thing in social media is the shift from institutions to processes as a source of trusted information.  I have referred to this many times in previous posts, but when I get to say “as I have said many times before” I realise I haven’t actually got one place purely dedicated to the saying of it.  Well no more.

Also, the fact that Andrew Keen, of all people, has identified what he calls the emergence of a new inchoate discource and is writing a post about media streams and agreeing with the likes of Clay Shirky about the essential ‘differentness’ of what may replace traditional media has also shown it is time to pull my finger out on this one. Continue reading