I am an anti-social-media expert

I am an anti-social-media expert according to Steve Henry (one of the founding ‘H’s in HHCL – voted Campaign magazine’s ‘Agency of the Decade’ in 2000).  I quite like this.  I think the key lies in the punctuation (as in eats, shoots and leaves) in that the hyphens imply that I am anti social media experts as distinct from an antisocial expert.  Although Steve’s description of me as someone who – mentally – is a drinker in flat-roofed pubs that welcome Rotweiler owners, leaves room for plenty of ambiguity.  (Key in that one is the word ‘mentally’ I believe).

But I guess you only have to look at some of my recent posts to see plenty of push-back against the establishment of social media folk who – mentally – drink in the child-friendly gastro pubs.  Socially, of course, I go for child-friendly gastro so perhaps Brian Solis has a Rotweiller and a pair of Doc Martens in the cupboard.

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