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Google+ – a solution in search of a problem

First I must say that I am desperate to like Google+.  I really want it to succeed because I like Google. I find many of their products fantastically useful (gmail, maps, Android, calendar, docs.) I also trust Google (within the limits imposed by the fact that it is a listed corporation).  I also believe that the world of the social media citizen is desperate for a breakthrough tool that can start to impose some order on the management of your social media world – and Google seems to be the company best placed to do this.

And – the good news is I do like Google+.  In the same way that Apple have worked out how to do ‘beautiful straight from the box’ for devices, Google have created something which has that same appeal in terms of a platform (something that will probably only get better as they iron out the wrinkles).  Google+ has that sort of playability that makes you want to use it.

But here is where the doubts start to creep in.  You want to use it, but to do what exactly?  Continue reading

Something rotten in the state of Twitter Search?

Something seems to have happened to Twitter Search in the last month that, to my mind, is incredibly important.  However, I haven’t seen any attention given to it within the broader social media converstaion – especially from the likes of @SteveRubel – an avid Twitter watcher and advocate of social search.  I know I have been tardy in keeping tabs on Twitter and my RSS feeds of late – but I can’t believe that I have missed this whole conversation.  Perhaps I am going mad, but surely I am not the only one who has spotted / is concerned about this.

What is it?  Continue reading