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Netvibes and the shift from the Portal to the App

One of the things on my list of to-dos is to write a think piece on an important trend which is becoming apparent – the shift from the Portal to the App.  Basically this means the polarisation of the digital space between web-based infrastructure on the one hand and application style information management tools on the other.  These tools may sit in the cloud (web) or be provided as a specific application which will sit on your desktop or mobile (or more accurately, sit in Windows or sit in Android).  As a result, the web will stop being a destination and will become much more invisible – a piece of service infrastructure. This is really what people mean when they talk about the shift to mobile – it is not a shift to a particular device or platform (as some people think) but the evolution of a new, much more useful way, of using the web.  It is also another example of the fact that the web has stopped being a medium of information and become a medium of connection and action.

A good example of this Twitter.  Continue reading