1. Shawn

    I can appreciate your point of views on your blog which mostly go against all wisdom out there on how to run effective social media…but you’re crazy! lol

  2. Shawn

    I too also think it’s good to question the standard, especially in the fast changing space of social media. But some of those established practices are there because they work. Like for example, in the link you post up there, you say that social media isn’t relationship building and that the idea of relationship building came from some Marketing Director at an ad agency who is trying to justify their fees. I don’t believe it came from a Marketing Director, I believe it came from successful sales people who build relationships with their clients, the client then continues to stay with them because of that relationship. I believe social media is the same way when worked into the overall brand strategy. You can love a brand, and you can also hate it. I would suppose not all brands fall into this category but the majority certainly do. This is what I have learned as a Salesman and an award winning Social Media Specialist.
    So I guess what I’m saying is it’s good to question the norm, but not to disagree with the established practice just for the sake of disagreeing with it.

    • RichardStacy

      For sure social media is all about relationships – but we need to look in detail as to the nature of those relationships. The sort of relationships (engagement) that most brands are chasing – which are an extension of the sort of relationships we were accustomed to building in the high reach, low engagement world of traditional media – will not prove to be effective, because these relationships will never be engaging enough to justify the fact that the social space will not allow you to reach enough people to make this exercise worthwhile. The value in social media stems from the ability to deal effectively with individuals or very small groups of people at any one time and these people are identified (or identify themselves) through their behaviour (usually in real-time). Social media is not a channel and message challenge, it is a behaviour identification and response challenge.

      So from a sales perspective there is no point in using social media to try and build a relationship with all of your actual or potential clients – but there is value in using it to understand and respond to what it is these people want from your organisation, at the time that they want it. IBM calls this ‘Listening for Leads’. It is not about loving or hating brands – very few people can be bothered to generate this level of interest in any brand – it is about brands being available to respond appropriately – which in most instances means sitting down, shutting up, listening and answering the xxxx question.

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