Astonishingly important article by Evgeny Morozov

FireShot Screen Capture #164 - 'Why the internet of things could destroy the welfare state I Technology I The Observer' - www_theguardian_com_technology_2014_jul_20_rise-of-data-death-of-politics-evgeny-morozov-algorThis is an astonishingly important article, by Evgeny Morozov, published yesterday in The Observer.  It starts to paint the picture of the world of the algorithm, drawing together the important themes that define what it is we need to be thinking and talking about so that we don’t sleep-walk into this new world – the paradoxical world where an individual’s connectedness (to other indivduals and to things) is used as a mechnism of isolation and control.

As I have said previously, the algorithm is the most powerful instrument of social control invented since the sword (and current systems of regulation are powerless against it).




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  1. Roger

    How interesting. He’s also just published an extraordinarily good piece in the Observer, which points out how the type of capitalism we’ve been living with for the last 60 ish years is going to change, most likely to return to the previous version. (or somesuch – I’ve just chucked it by mistake).

    He’s one of the few journalists that seems to both be able and prepared to take this on. OK, there are some dodgy sections, but I’m not aware of anyone else who has this grasp of the issue, which is why his articles stand out. Well, to me they do, but that’s because I work in this area. Most people don’t seem to “get” what’s going on. I’d compare social media also to Soma, from Huxley.

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