A book is in the works

A number of people over the years have suggested that I write a book.  I always resisted the idea, but have finally succumbed, largely because I think we have now reached the point where Kindle publishing has reached a critical mass such that it is not necessary to incur the hassle of going into print with a book designed to reach a business audience.  Pretty much everyone I know who might be interested now has either a Kindle, tablet or iPad.  I also find that I prefer to read business books this way, because of the ability to digitally highlight and annotate the text.

I have actually nearly finished the draft (hence the hiatus in blog posting recently – all my writing mojo has been elsewhere deployed).  It will take as a starting point the post I recently wrote about The Three Per Cent Rule, but in reality will be an attempt to pull the various threads I write about in this blog into some coherent sort of theory.

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