First example of Foursquare spam

Just been subject the first example I have seen of Foursquare spam.  A movie has created a fake identity (Subterrestrial Research Association) which it is using to solicit friends on Foursquare.  It is then adding the cinema venues where the film will run as Things Done.  Its latest venue added is a cinema in Ipswich, which I guess is why it has found me (my location being Suffolk).  It also has a Twitter identity and more conventional Facebook page (under the identity of the actual movie).

Is it spam, or is it digital marketing, is there a difference, does it work?  Well, I looked at the Foursquare profile, if only to find out what a Subterrestrial might be the mayor of.


  1. Stephen Smyth

    Didn’t know you are a Suffolk man Richard. That is my native land and I still follow the Town for my sins. Grew up in Felixstowe and schooled in Sudbury.

    As you know, there is little difference in the techniques of spam and viral marketing. It sounds like a viral marketer has you in thier sights.

  2. Steve

    Yep, they requested to ad me so I checked out their Foursquare, figured it was film and did a quick search to find this post. As a digital marketer, it certainly is spam IMHO. I like the way they’re using it to an extent, but friending random strangers and more importantly leaving the self-serving tips is a bit OTT.

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