links for 2009-08-19

  • Its official – Twitter is now MSM (mainstream media).
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  • Here is a glimpse of the future. In "the old days" TV producers used to make small, condensed, bits of one-to many, mass appeal bits of content (TV programmes as we know them). Here, the BBC is moving beyond that and actually creating what you could call a content experience. It is a shame that the only reason they are doing this is because of the subject matter (i.e. 20 years of The Web) – because it is relevant for every documentary they produce. At this stage they are only seeking a level of interaction / input – trying to use the connected crowd to do their research for them. What they should do is create more content around and behind what will become the finished article. We should be able to see the meetings in production office on YouTube for example, we should see behind the scenes in real time. Also – the BBC should supply much of the raw footage to us, and let us do our version of the edits. Now that would be exciting – but probably a step too far, even for the BBC.

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