aiderss – they know how to do it

aiderss-twwetIf you ever want an example of how to “do” monitoring and customer service in the post-Gutenberg world take note of what I have just experienced.  I was sat at my desk working on a ppt presentation (on storytelling as it happens) when a little twhirl window popped and I saw that Richard Dennison was asking for some help on monitoring stakeholders.  I replied that I used a lot of services and then ran them through aiderss (PostRank) as a filter.

End of story you might have thought, just a fragment of mini-conversation, the likes of which happen millions of times every day within social media channels.  But then I noticed an email from aiderss saying that they were now following me on twitter, and then a twitter reply to me thanking me for my recommendation.  I looked at their twitter feed and saw that they had also sent a tweet to Richard D with a bit more information on what aiderss does.

Now that is impressive.  But the thing is, it is not difficult to do.  aiderss just had someone sitting on a twitter search of their name.  Every business should do it – because while previously I thought aiderss was a useful tool (rational support) I know like them as an organisation (emotional engagement) and have taken the trouble to publicise my endorsement of them.

They will probably pick up on this bog post as well.  Lets see if they do and add a comment.


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