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Beware the web1.5 beast

There is a dangerous beast preying on unsuspecting organisations who want to get into social media.  This beast is the web1.5 agency or campaign.  This is a campaign that purports to be a social media campaign, because it uses the tools of social media, but in reality is an old-fashioned, conventional one-to-many mass message approach.

How do you spot these beasts?

First – if it comes from a traditional ad agency, it will almost certainly be a 1.5 approach.  Continue reading

Walled gardens versus plant nurseries – and the death of media agencies

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a very large media (buying) agency.  The agency was proposing an idea for a client which involved creating a place within MySpace.  The logic for this was two-fold.  The client’s target demographic was 18-25 and a MySpace place would represent a walled garden that this group would feel comfortable within.  The term ‘walled garden’ was presented, by their digital expert, as being a good thing. Continue reading

This Social Media Thing – why be bothered?

I have been engaged on a quest to distill, as concisely as possible, what ‘This Social Media Thing’ is all about and why it is important.  This is my latest offering – three reasons why it is important and four things you should do about it.  Presented as a ‘one-off blog’ and also available as a pdf so it can travel on the email train.