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Note to marketing department: there are no audiences in social media

audience(Here is my column for publication in this month’s Digital Age).

Organisations only start to create measurable value from the usage of social media when the senior management of those organisations really understand what social media is all about.  Unfortunately, the journey towards this understanding is often a long and difficult one.

The first mistake senior management usually make is to assume that social media must fall somewhere within the remit of the marketing or communications department.  This is an easy mistake to make because this thing is called social ‘media’ and media is something that marketing people are paid to understand.  Marketing people themselves are usually keen to assume responsibility because it seems to present opportunities to create this thing called engagement with their customers which sounds good.  They will also find that the agencies they deal with are already knocking on their doors trying to sell them social media solutions and they are not knocking on the doors of any other departments.  Therefore having the marketing department take responsibility for social media seems such a logical decision that it barely generates any consideration at all.

However, there is a fatal flaw in setting off in this direction.

Marketing depends for its success on the identification or creation of an audience. Continue reading

Just answer the ****** question!

Just listen and answer theHere is a short thought for a Friday.

The first and absolutely most important thing you should do in social media is listen to your consumers / customers and answer their questions.

I say this many times in the training I deliver and posts I produce – but I thought it was a good idea to Just Say It on its own.

You should work out how to do this before you figure out how to drive ‘likes’ on Facebook, what content to produce or how to measure engagement.  Because if you do this, consumers will ‘like’ the brand, rather than just the Facebook page.  And also, if you do this, you will find that you magically have the answers to what content you need to produce and what you should be measuring.

Furthermore, if you simply listen to you customers or consumers and answer their questions, you will have a social media strategy that is far more effective than almost all of the strategies employed by most of the brands in the world at the moment.  Social media is a listening and response tool.  It is not a publication tool.