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Thoughts for Neville re #msm09 panel


Not at the conference, but here are some thoughts for your panel.

1. I haven’t found a single paid-for black box monitoring solution that really helps devise and then run a social media strategy.  They are not real-time enough and they are focused on monitoring digital places rather than digital spaces. http://tinyurl.com/lg7cv4

2. You can only take monitoring so far until you reach the point where you have to stop spectating and start participating – start creating the environment you then need to monitor.

3. You don’t need to monitor everything (like we used to monitor media coverage) – its a case of identifying and keeping you eye on the 3 or 4 areas of social media space (i.e. conversations) that are relevant to your business.   Organisations which have lots of customers often think they need to have lots of conversations – they don’t.  Listen to your customers and you will find there are only 4 conversations they want to have with you. http://tinyurl.com/yfu9f24