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Books, iPads and chickens

@obionyeaso recently asked me for a view on this by David Gelles and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in the FT – essentially will the iPad / Kindle shatter the book publishing business in the way the iPod and iTunes shattered the music business.

My short answer would be no – it won’t.  The short reason for this is that the form of content that is a book is very well adapted to the form of distribution that is printed and bound bits of paper.  This is unlike news, which is not necessarily well adapted to the form of distribution that is newspaper, or the music track which we have discovered is very poorly adapted to the form of distribution that is an album or CD.  At the same time a book is an important cultural feature in the way that a CD, album or even a newspaper is not. Continue reading

The iPad – how disappointing

Yesterday was Apple iPad day – and what a let down it was.  After all the hype it turned out to be just a big iTouch.

What Apple (usually) does really well is take something that already exist and make it sexy and so much easier to use.   It turned MP3 players into iPods.  It turned phones / PDAs into iPhones.  So there was me waiting for it to turn the laptop / netbook into … what?  Continue reading