New angle on the BT rural broadband story

There is a lot of fuss this morning about the government’s scheme to deliver (superfast) broadband to rural areas and its failure to manage contracts with BT.  I live in such an area and here is a new angle on this story.

I receive no broadband at all, let alone superfast, so I have to use an expensive satellite to access the internet.  There is no prospect that I will receive broadband in the future – government scheme or not.  This is because my area does not qualify for the government scheme because it sits within an area BT says it can cover as part of its commercial service.  However, despite the fact that BT could deliver broadband here, it won’t – although it has suggested that if the community could stump-up £40,000 it would.

My area is not an exception.  As local councils roll-out their government funded programmes many other areas are being uncovered which sit in this no-man’s land – abandoned by both BT and government.

Neither is my area remote – it is 3 miles outside of one of the largest town in Suffolk.  In fact most of the areas similarly affected are not remote, they are simply areas that BT can’t be bothered to deal with.

BBC types – are you interested in covering this?

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