New look blog

I have just changed the design of my blog.  You will be reading this in its new iteration.

There are three reasons for this:

First – I was bored with the old look, it had been that way for years

Second – I wanted to become more practical, using this site to focus more on what I do as the day job, addressing the tangible issues organisations encounter when they look to make the transition into the world of social media.  The bigger picture issue about the social media revolution and how it’s going to change the world (which I find very interesting, but doesn’t really help a marketing or corporate communications director work out what to do tomorrow), I will now post at my lodgings over at the Huffington Post.

Third – I wanted a format where a larger selection of my posts could visible, rather than just the last one off the press.

For those of you who do take the trouble to follow me on a reasonably regular basis – I hope you like it.

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