#hotelwifishame – a BBC twitter experiment

I have been talking to @carmenlroberts from the BBC World Fast Track programme about social media – in particular using social media to complain.  Carmen mentioned that one of her major gripes was the cost some hotels make for use of WiFi and said she was interested to see if we could use social media channels to discover, name and shame the hotels that are charging the most.  Rumours abound of a £50 charge in some instances.

My advice was to kick things off in Twitter using the #hotelwifishame tag – and see what happens.

So here is an open invitation for anyone to use this tag to name those hotels  that you know are charging exhorbitant rates for WiFi and/or re-tweet this post to get the campaign going.  I don’t expect to threaten Twitter trending topics – but if would be good to see if we can get some results before Carmen makes her programme.  Over to you social media community.

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